Beauty beholds the eyes. Some find them pretty, and others not so much. What are we talking about? Freckles, that’s what we are talking about. Most of us know what freckles are, but for those who don’t – it’s the many tiny brown spots that you see on the faces of many. They can be on the body too, but the face is what’s visible and, therefore, a concern for many.

Freckles, the brown spots in the skin – most prominent on the face, are caused by overexposure to the sun. Seek Freckles treatment in Faridabad using Laser light technology with Dr. Archit Agarwal.

Dr. Archit is a noted dermatologist in Faridabad who runs a skin care clinic named KDC Clinic and provides advanced treatment facilities for all your skin and hair issues.

The melanocytes present in the skin produce excess melanin as a response to exposure to harsh sunlight. The melanin present in the skin absorbs the sunlight and transforms into freckles to protect the lower layers of the skin. Freckles are formed in the topmost layer of the skin – the epidermis.

Those who are comfortable in their skin and do not seek any treatment could still contact the dermatologist and start using sunscreen as prescribed by the doctor and other skincare regimes based on their lifestyle to avoid further damage to their skin.

But those who seek treatment – read on, because we are going to enlighten you on ways to lighten your freckles.

Ways to treat your freckles:

The obvious choices you have to treat your freckles are herbal and therapeutic. Neither treatment works a hundred percent to obliterate the freckles, but – they can be lightened.

While the herbal treatment may work to give the same effect or not, it will take a lot of time to show results. 

The use of LASERs, however, to treat freckles is sure to give you positive results, and that too in a stipulated time.

Due to this, the much more obvious choice for many is the LASER treatment for freckles in Faridabad.

The process is simple to explain but needs an expert to carry it out successfully. You should approach a dermatologist to get this treatment done instead of a spa, as it can go critically wrong if carried out by someone who doesn’t understand skin.

How Is Laser Freckles Treatment Performed?

The step-by-step process followed by a good dermatologist should be as follows:

Assessment of the skin:

When you go for a consultation with your dermatologist – your doctor will assess your skin type and the type of Freckles – whether genetic or caused due to sun exposure. Your doctor will also run tests if there is even an iota of doubt that it is carcinoma – in which case the LASER treatment will not work. Every skin type needs a different energy level of light application. Therefore, accurate assessment is the most crucial step.

Test Shot:

Once the assessment is done, your doctor will click before pictures of your face. Your doctor will numb a small section of the skin and give it a laser shot to test the effect on your skin. No doctor will recommend undergoing laser treatment without testing it first. You must use sunscreen diligently and stay out of the sun for the test to take make maximum effect. After a month, your doctor will call you again to check the result.

If the results are as desired, the doctor will carry out the rest of the procedure with the same dose of energy; otherwise, adjust it.

What to expect on the day of laser treatment for freckles?

  • It is an outpatient procedure, and no stay is required. 
  • You will be signing a form that states that you have been made aware of the pros and cons of the procedure by the doctor.
  • Afterward, a topical analgesic comprising lycodine lidocaine and prilocaine is applied to your skin.
  • Your eyes will be protected with glasses.
  • You will be lying down while your doctor applies LASER to your skin in controlled measures.
  • The endpoint should result in ash-white coloration of the skin.
  • Ice packs are applied to reduce inflammation.
  • Mupirocin ointment is to be applied twice a day till the crusts fall off.

Who can opt for it?

Everyone can opt for it, but it works best on fair skin with dark spots. Your doctor will advise against it if you suffer from another condition like carcinoma. Laser treatment for freckles cost depends on the locality where you go for treatment, the type of technology used, the number of sittings required, and most importantly the expertise of your dermatologist.

It is most effective if you thoroughly follow the after-procedure care:

Once you have undergone laser treatment for freckles removal, your doctor will prescribe some medications.

  • Avoid sun exposure for a week.
  • Follow-up after a week
  • Sunscreen and other ointments are prescribed for application until the next sitting which will be after almost 3 weeks after the first sitting.
  • Until then, take care not to use cosmetic and coarse products on your skin, and avoid hot baths, swimming, etc…
  • Avoid itching and peeling your skin when it is healing.

How long does it take for freckles to fade after laser?

After every sitting that you undergo, you need to wait for at least 3 weeks before the next sitting. 

Depending upon the intensity of your freckles, you may require to take up to 3 sittings at least, so you will see the final result after almost 4 months since the trial. 

Once your treatment is complete, your doctor will click the after-treatment pictures and present the laser freckle removal before and after images for comparison and certainty that it worked wonders on you.

Will the freckles come back?

The effect of freckle removal is permanent because the ones that are removed should not reappear. However, new ones can develop if you continue to expose yourself to the sun without sunblock cream.

Are there any side effects of this procedure?

You should expect your skin to be a bit red and inflamed from the procedure. It will form crusts after 2 days of the procedure that fall off on their own. It’s a sign of healing.

In rare cases, there are occurrences of hypopigmentation or hyperpigmentation.

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