Vitiligo Treatment

Leukoderma is a general term to address to any pathology that causing white spots on skin. 


Vitiligo is the leading cause of white spots. Vitiligo is an autoimmune disorder affecting melanocytes (pigment cells of the body).


  • Genetics
  • Autoimmune associations

The presentation can be localised with few white spots, spread to involve extremities, involve a segment of body, involve trunk, or may simultaneously affect trunk & extremities.


At most instances the diagnosis is easily made on clinical grounds. Sometimes test like wood’s lamp, dermoscopy, diascopy & biopsy used to differentiate from similar looking conditions like nevus depigmentosus, lichen sclerosus, Pityriasis alba etc.


Though just a matter of skin colour, patient are distressed by fear of social stigma & discrimination. Patches with white hairs (leukotrichia), patches oh hands, feet, lips ad mouth respond slowly as repigmentation occurs from hair follicles which are fewer in hands, feet & lips

Treatment options
  • Topical medications: Tacrolimus, Topical Corticosteroids, Placentra extract, Peptides, calcipotroil
  • Oral medications: steroids, immunosupressives
  • Phototherapy: NBUVB, PUVA
  • Surgical methods: Suction blister grafting, minipunch grafting, cell suspension transfer

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