Hair Fall Treatment

Hair fall is a complex & diverse problem. It is among the commonest reasons for which patient consult a dermatologist. 

Before we dive deeper into hair fall, let’s know few basic things.

  • On normal scalp, hairs are in a cycle.
    With 90% hairs in Anagen Phase, meaning they are thick, actively growing & have tight root anchorage.
    About 10% hairs are in Telogen Phase, meaning they are thin, not growing & have loose root.
  • This Anagen: Telogen ratio of 9:1 , alters in different disorders.
  • Anagen duration range from 8-9 years and telogen lasts for 3 months.
  • Around 100 telogen hairs are normally shed daily, to be replaced by anagen hairs.
    (Diagram) (Box)
    So, The hair fall or alopecias are divided into those with destruction of hair root (scarring) & those in intact hair roots (Non-scarring).
  • Scarring alopecia can be stopped to progress if diagnosed & treated in time. But are hard to reverse.
    E.g of Scarring alopecia: Kerion, DLE, LPP, Folliculitis Decalvans
  • Non Scarring alopecia can be reversed in most of cases if diagnosed & treated properly.
    E.g : Androgenetic Alopecia (male & female pattern Baldness)
    Alopecia Areata
    Telogen Effluvium
What is new?
  • PRP (Platlet Rich Plasma) : fraction of patient’s own blood rich in platlet is separated & injected into scalp for hair growth.
  • Mesotherapy : Intralesional injection of meso cocktails (injections containing multivitamins & phytoceuticals)
  • LLLT: Low level laser therapy

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