Quasi switched NeoDynium Yettrium Aluminium Garnet laser is used mainly for pigmented lesions like freckles, blemishes, tattoo. 



A strong beam of light is passed through ND: YAG crystal, this crystal emits a light of particular wavelength (1064 nm), which is manipulated by a filter lens to either 1064 nm or 532 nm. Lights with these wavelengths are particularly absorbed by pigment in skin. Because the light is very intense, it is converted to acoustic waves in skin & this breaks the pigment to smaller fragments that are absorbed by skin macrophages.


Frequently Asked Questions

Is the process painful?


Sometimes, a topical anesthetic cream is applied before procedure, making the procedure painless.


Do I need sun protection?

Yes. Sunprotection is recommended after any laser procedure. You need not skip your office, but frequent application of sunscreen is recommended for a week post procedure.


How often do I have to get treatment done & how many times?

It varies between the indications. Normally for tattoo removal 5-7 sittings are recommended 3 weeks apart.


How much does it cost?

We at KDC clinic, believe in providing affordable treatment for your patients. The cost varies per indication & area treated, but it definitely very affordable. You can also opt for package price to avail additional benefits.



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