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Everyone desires beautiful, smooth, glowing skin. Unfortunately, acne, the most common skin condition, affects 85% of people in the age group of 12 to 30.

Generally, acne breakouts appear on the face, but they can also be seen on the chest, back, neck, or shoulder. Though not harmful, this chronic skin condition can leave behind scars and cause anxiety and lack of self-esteem.

But why go through all the stress when you can quickly get long-lasting and effective acne treatment in Faridabad at KDC Clinic. Dr. Archit Aggarwal, a leading dermatologist, established the clinic to offer top-notch skin, hair, and aesthetic treatments, and procedures.

The state-of-the-art clinic is fitted with the latest equipment and technology to provide you with excellent results at an affordable cost. We specialize in FUE hair transplant, pigmentation, vitiligo, laser, and acne treatment in Faridabad.

Acne Overview

As mentioned above, acne is a prevalent condition that most of us sometimes experience. Though it is more common in youngsters, it can happen at any age. Acne occurs when the pores on our skin become clogged with oil, dirt, bacteria, and dead skin cells.

It usually occurs at puberty, when there is hormonal fluctuation.Some women experience acne breakout during their pregnancy, menstrual cycle, and menopause due to hormonal imbalance.

If home remedies and over-the-counter products are ineffective, then you should consult a dermatologist.  At KDC Clinic, hundreds of patients visit us every month for acne treatment in Faridabad.

Dr. Archit Aggarwal provides a customized treatment that helps control your acne, prevent scarring, and help make your skin clearer by providing cutting-edge acne scar treatment in Faridabad.


Dr. Archit Aggarwal

Dr. Archit’s experience has aided in treating individuals with complex skin conditions. Being a proficient skin specialist in Faridabad, he employs the most up-to-date techniques to cure any deformity or improve patients’ looks. He has authored several papers that have been published in high-impact medical journals and has given many speeches.

In addition to his practice at KDC Clinic, Dr. Archit Aggarwal, one of the best dermatologist in Faridabad, consults at QRG Central Hospital and gives excellent treatment to Vitiligo patients and other skin-related disorders. Dr. Archit Aggarwal responds to his patient’s queries kindly.


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Experience top-tier hair and skin care at KDC Clinic, led by renowned dermatologist Dr. Archit Aggarwal. Trusted for exceptional results, post-treatment support, and unwavering reliability in Faridabad.

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